One of oratennis main values is the pleasure of sharing tennis with new people and for this reason there will never be any kind of ranking.

Nevertheless, we had to add a classification of ability levels to identify every registered player to make the choice of the perfect playfellows easier to plan a successful match.

OOur classification of ability levels is not a way for ranking or rating the players but an opportunity to balance the matches and make the game more interesting

The classification of ability level is made according to the results of the matches and tournaments registered on oratennis and no longers on the basis of personal feedback reported after the match.

An algorithm determines the classification of ability levels generating a score, which will never be published, that corresponds to a ability level.
The score generated by the algorithm is related to the matches results, as points will be added or removed due to:
  • level of players who will play the match
  • amount of won and lost games of the match
Match total scores Level Won games Points addition
100 Tennis player 1 Beginner 7 70
Tennis player 2 Beginner 3 30
100 Tennis player 3 Intermediate 9 60
Tennis player 4 Beginner 5 40
The algorithm has been developed and approved thanks to the thousands matches already recorded on oratennis. This way we have identified 5 play levels according to someone's ability:
Total beginner
On every player's profile you can see the ability level, identified by a different colour, a chart of the trends and a percentage of level fulfillment to indicate when the player will reach the next level
Every player can also simulate a virtual match with a rival/playfellow on the rival/playfellow's profile thanks to a special statistic calculation developed by oratennis team
Tennis player 1
Tennis player 2
Of course every player can play tennis matches outside oratennis system; however after 60 days of inactivity on the platform you will lose some points, though you will never go to a lower level